The most important thing to consider when building a shed is the plans that you will need. You need a set of outdoor shed plans so that the shed doesn’t fall apart when you first open the door or it doesn’t protect your investments. Shed plans will tell how much your shed is going to cost since they usually have a list of the materials you will need inside of them.

Outdoor shed plans give the flexibility of being able to make your shed your own as well as make sure it fits within the scope of your needs. Doing it yourself (DIY) and using DIY shed plans does not have to mean that you will follow someone else’s plans to a T and not use your own judgment and follow your own sense of design.

Depending on the purpose of the shed, you may want to change the type of door or scale to which the shed will be built. A single door is a lot better than dual doors since a larger single door makes it harder for critters to get in. Or maybe you are planning on using your shed as an area to do small projects, and you want to be as comfortable as possible, so you put in a workbench along with lighting and a small box air conditioner. Another great thing about DIY sheds is that you can put whatever you want on it such as a weather vane or even a wrought iron trellis for a climbing vine. Whichever you envision, there are DIY shed plans out there to help.

You could choose outdoor shed plans that would allow you to match the architecture or follow the same lines as your home. Tudor homes would look outrageous when placed next to a modern shed; make sure to stay away from this type of combination. Also, make sure to keep track of the shed’s size and type to stay within your local building code.

When you purchase outdoor shed plans too, run your visions by your spouse or significant other first. People may surprise you with what they know or their style when it comes to sheds. The whole point of building your own shed is so that you don’t have to continue to store stuff (and it’s A LOT of stuff!) in your garage. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to park your car in there finally?

You can always make changes in the plans, by the way. For instance where you place the doors is ultimately very important. For example, DIY shed plans may place a door on the gable end of the shed. It may seem like a great idea now but think about trying to get to items all the way in the back of the shed. It would be infinitely better to place a door on the side wall or have two doors on both gable end walls!

Just imagine the benefits of building the shed yourself and the cost savings you can create along with the warm sense of achievement you will have when your shed is complete!