Your front yard is the façade that creates an impressive impact on passersby and those who visit your home. Front yard landscaping needs a good deal of creative ideas in consideration with the overall surrounding to create an attractive look.

Front yard landscaping is thrilling, enjoyable and challenging and if you succeed in creating the perfect look the admirable glances that will be cast on your landscape will be worth your toil. Let us try and dig up some front yard landscaping ideas to stir up a pretty scene.

A Visual Treat

Indeed, the front yard landscaping is the best way to soothe your senses that are wary of watching drab front yards that lie wasted. Why not make your front yard a place full of fun and activity? Activity does not mean human interaction.

The concept of having objects such as birdhouses or birdbaths and planting a variety of flowers and shrubs to attract birds and butterflies is an alluring one. You will never tire of sitting in your front yard watching the birds crowding your birdbath surrounded by colorful flowers at its base.

A Seating Arrangement

You can have some fabulous seating spaces in your front yard where you can look forward to your small chatting sessions with your neighbors, watch your kids while they play and also enjoy the happenings on the street. This is especially good for you when you are retired and just want to relax and enjoy the street scene unfold before your eyes.

You can place a bench under a tree or under a small shaded place. You can also make it your private area by bordering it with little shrubs and flowers. Some potted plants make for great additional enhancements which you can occasionally change to give a slight deviation to the normal look.

Mix-n-Match Your Plants

Another great front yard landscaping idea is to have a combination of annual and perennial plants. The perennial plants bloom every year with very little maintenance requirements and thus your front yard will never be empty. By planting the annuals you can have outbursts of different colors for one season. These aren’t expensive and you can get a variety with these annual plants. The perennials are always constantly in front of your eyes but during its flowering season, the annual plants give a totally different look to your whole set.

Light Up Your Front Yard

Using colored lights will give a tinge of added beauty to your front yard landscape and if there is a water fountain then it completes the scenic picture. You can also use antiques or statues that will further accentuate your surroundings.

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